Improve Resource Management via the Medium Silos

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One of the ongoing problems in Astroneer is the difficulty in keeping resources grouped together when on the same Platform.

The introduction of Silos (the medium Silo in particular) offers an opportunity to solve this problem. I would like to recommend that a Filter Slot/Port be placed in the top of the Medium Silo to be used as a resource Filter in the same manner as it is used to filter resources with the Auto Arms.

This would enable the enhancement of managing resources as each Medium Silo could be designated for one particular resource if desired. If the Filter Slot/Port is left empty then all resources and 1 Slot equipment could be stored as in the current situation. But if a resource is put in the Filter Slot/Port then only that resource can be stored and, consequently, automatically drawn into the Silo until such times as the Filter resource is removed.

I wouldn't see the need to put this type of filter on any of the larger Silos as the management of resources held in the larger Silos would be managed via the smaller Silos.

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