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The worlds are getting SMALLER as well as the draw distance? 9-13-2020

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Please put the size of the worlds back the way they were and double the draw distance.

I know you are wanting to get the frames up, and you are, my games are running well over 100 frames now. But, I can drive around sylva in like 10-15 minutes, that is just wrong. Pre one I got lost for like 3-4 hours with a "rig" 3 large rovers fully loaded, it was awesome!! All the places I got to see (the rocks were a pia but it was so fun.

The size is destroying the game for me, I can almost walk in between teleporters now.

Please Please Please, put them back! Astroneer is the best game ever, but you are killing it. I would rather have 60-80 frames and have the worlds back the way they were.

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