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I want to finish my Steam achievements but cannot.  I've played in Adventure mode only, never Creative.

I got "EXO Dynamics Outreach Advocate" in single player Adventure mode long before I joined a server.   On a public server I got "Interplanetary Road Trip" easily with the owner.

It simply won't give me "EXO Outreach Participant".  Nor will it give me "Let me Borrow This Just a Second." despite crafting a research module and using it, with repeated attempts after disconnect reconnect or trying on another server.
I've tried on two public servers listed in Astroneer's discord including KP's Universe Steam server for 12 hours (it's offline now) and Ginapedia Nitrado server for 2 hours today.

These are the last 2 achievements I need to get "EXO Dynamics Solar System Mastery." Frustrating!

Steam ID 76561198343833824, Astroneer v1.14.74.0

OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 [Version 10.0.19041.508]
CPU Intel i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz, MSI Mobo
GPU EVGA RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra
RAM G.Skill TridentZ Series, DDR4, 32GB x2, 3200 MHz
Drive: Samsung 970 EVO SSD 1TB M.2 NVMe

Thank you for your time.

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Updated to Version 

Connected to Ginapedia server.  Did not get achievement EXO Dynamics Outreach Participant

Found a research item in biome, turned off & removed Research module.  Put Research module back, placed in item, started research.  Did not get Let Me Borrow This Just A Second.

It's weird how I got the other two multiplayer achievements.  Anyway, I've met the challenges and would like achievements please.

Could someone from SES please at least the very least acknowledge you've seen this bug report?


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For anyone who comes across this looking for help with the same problem.

Rather than using this forum, send an email to support@systemera.net

Within a few days I got a reply.  Bottom line, it's a known problem and the only fix is to use the built-in Co-op mode instead of using servers.

I had a Steam friend to co-op with and have all my achievements now.

Here's the email I received:


Marc (System Era Softworks)

Hi Whiskers

Thanks for reaching out again!

This is a known issue on our end - unfortunately a bunch of the multiplayer achievements don't seem to be firing on dedicated servers at all.

While we have been able to identify the cause of the bug, unfortunately we have some work ahead of us to fix it, so I don't have any ETAs on a fix I'm afraid.

That said these achievements still unlock using normal co-op, so hopefully you can find someone on the Discord who can let you jump into their game to get them.

I hope that helps but please let me know if you have any questions!


System Era Support

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