1.14.74 - Steam - Shuttle freezes mid landing forever

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The shuttle freezes short after selecting a landing spot on the moon Novus. It simply stays in the same spot in space relative to the moon, without any option to do.


After taking off from Sylva for the first time with a small shuttle and a solid fuel thruster, and trying to go to Novus, I can fly to the orbit of the moon, but when I select the landing spot close to the big alien structure on the planet, it does an attempt of landing and midway simply shutdowns the thrusters and stays static. The plannets still rotate and the game is running, but I cannot do any action ingame. I can press scape and exit normally without saving if I want to.

I upload a picture of the current screen where you can see that shuttle is frozen but planets still move, and a pic with the menu opened.

Amazing game btw!!


Thanks in advance :)



Version / Build Number: 

From build.version file Shipping


  • OS: Win10 64
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 7700HQ
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX1070 Max-Q
  • RAM: 32 DDR4 2666Hz
  • Drive: Samsung MZVLW 512GB




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I'm experiencing what I think might be the same issue.

In my case, it's my second trip going to Desolo, attempting to land at the same place as last time (at the landing spot that is directly under you when you first get to orbit, with the structure). And the thrusters on the shuttle continuously fire for me. But otherwise, the issue is the same - shuttle doesn't move, but the planets keep revolving, sun angle changes, all those good things.

I've attached a save sitting in a shuttle ready to go to the moon, to help the developers reproduce the issue.


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Me too. This is a new issue after many hundreds of hours in-game. I launch into orbit of Novus, launch again, transit to Sylva, successfully select my landing spot and a split-second later all the landing zones disappear and I'm still in orbit, planets rotating. Can still access the menu so I'm not crashed, but zero options in terms of what to do next. Stuck in orbit with no options. Man oh man so many hours invested into this saved game! Sure hope there's a fix forthcoming!!

LOVE the game ;)

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