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Sensores: which attached to any active tools (chem. lab, centrifuge, robo-arm) and send signal when tool has chaned its status.
2 types of signal:
A) On-Off (when we activate tool and desctivate buy hand or signal)
B) Current activity:
1) Arm 2 signals: loaded-unloaded-loaded-unloaded...
2) Trade platform, chem.lab, any printer and centrifuge 4 signals: ready/unloaded-loaded-working-done-ready/unloaded-loaded-working-done...
3) Smelting and reseach: empty-loaded (we don't need working tue to ON-OFF sencore)
4) Any shredder, gas condenser: empty/unloaded-working-loaded/ready

With already exist signals and new AND/OR gate (

) we will be able to build (satis)factory in our favorite game).

P.S. And only one obstacle: how to move soil from vehicle to platform? Right now only one way: store soil in canisters and unload vehcile into them... It's really sad...

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