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Creative Mode cheat codes

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I'm not a fan of breaking / spoiling games: don't get me wrong.

I just want to be able to adjust my favorite games to my needs; and this game provided my imagination with SO many needs, that it's definitely my favorite 😆

..So. Consider this "cheat codes" just as an extra settings to our more customizable Creative Mode:

1) "Infinite Resource Deposits": helping players to forget about changing place for Auto Extractors (my reasons for that are in another thread).

2) "Reset Researches": to make later stages of the game more fun (reasons).

Gravity / physics tweaks are obvious entertainments too.

This whole thread must actually be viewed as for making the Creative Mode more customizable!

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I also feel like Creative Mode options are limited.

why not have an option where there's infinite base power?

what about soil canisters are already filled up?

not have everything unlocked?

so many things that can improve creative mode!

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