Resource Movement and Management

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I would be looking for ways to transport resources from location to location:

1.       “Vacuum tubes” – like the Olde Timey message delivery systems (but functionally in reverse, blowing them along versus suction), these would move individual resource packets wherever the tubes go.  Each could be handled by having a large base building that acts as the blower motor, and connects to flexible tubing similar to power Extenders.  Each tube can turn to follow terrain including heading vertical, to allow for undersurface mines to deliver their goods to base.  With both ends of the tubing in place, each with a blower building, resources can move down the tube.  The tube can be whatever length, but only one packet can move along the tube at a time.  By setting up multiple blowers along the route, more packets can move along the route (but still one per section of tube), just for a larger power cost.  Either have tubing only handle the packets (and require separate power at any sending station) or offer a power/oxygen/tubing hybrid to minimize underfoot cabling (which would allow for remote power generation for the central base).

2.       Drone train – this would work by having ground-placed docks for the starting and ending locations, and then skiing-type gates placed along the driving route to direct movement.  The train would use the small Trailers, but instead of a regular Tractor, use a drone tractor keyed to a particular “frequency” (similar to the colors of a Beacon).  The docks and gates would also key to the same frequency.  Each gate would need line of sight to the previous and next gates (or docks), and would visibly light the connecting devices when being handled.  The docks at each end would show the status of the connected path of gates and the connected train, including “stuck”, “out of power”, “un/loaded”.  May require a medium Auto-Arm to remove Medium Storage, Medium Canister, and other objects on the trailers.

3.       Delivery rocket – similar to the EXO Request Rocket, this would have a large base building for a launch/landing pad, but (similar to the drone train) be keyed to a “frequency”.  The sending building would identify the receiving building by this frequency and send the rocket there.  After a period of time the receiving building would have the rocket arrive and it could be emptied.  A sending building would be able to see if the receiving building’s rocket (still) has attachments (as the sending and receiving buildings actually exchange their rockets); by default the rockets won’t move unless the sending rocket has attachments and the receiving rocket doesn’t, but those can be overridden.  Again, may require a medium Auto-Arm.

Perhaps helpful for automated resource management:

1.       Track-arm – a Tractor/Trailer-sized mobile Auto-Arm paired to a dock that acts as the pick-up/drop-off point.  If a resource packet is attached, the track-arm would pick it up and look to deposit it in a storage or canister in reach, moving back and forth along its track, either on the ground or on an elevated beam.  If nothing is attached, a resource can be selected from the menu and the track-arm will try to find it.

2.       Carousel – an extra-large base building that is either a flat circular table or squat cylinder (medium slots facing out) that can be rotated by advancing the buttons one way or the other.  Paired with a sensor that determines if a resource or object is present in front of it, the carousel could be cycled until the desired item is found and an activation signal sent to an Auto-Arm.  In reverse, the sensor would look for an open slot and signal the carousel to stop and the Arm to place the object or resource.

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The first few ideas seem like a very complicated way to solve the problem, but I very much like the carousel idea, and the "track arm".

A carousel connected to a handy button for spinning would be great for building a large surplus storage area, and if you used a button repeater, it could have a flexible purpose for automation as well. 

As for the "track arm", I think a modular track platform would be the go, consisting of a raised monorail of a set size and shape, containing a small platform with a Tier-2 connector which travels back and forth along the rail. You could then attach an Auto Arm or a resource storage module according to your setup. There could even be a use for attaching other modules, such as an Oxygenator, using the track to light up different tether lines to show other players which tunnel you are currently exploring. Perhaps the track platform could have a single power cable for moving an RTG or battery setup to different sections of your base for specific power distribution. 

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Having a plan for your project doesn’t mean you should only have listed the tasks it takes to deliver it. Planning your project also includes knowing what resources you’re going to need, and when.

The kick-off phase, including creating a project scope, defining deliverables and dependencies, allows you to better estimate time and budget for the project.

Resource planning is no different, helping project managers to align projects’ deliverables with available resources. Without it, you can’t really control project’s delivery, its timeline and the budget.

In this post I will walk you through the process of resource planning, so you can find and assign only the right and available resources for your project.

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