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Okay, So I have been playing astroneer lately, and I have been receiving low frame rate casing me to lag and stutter. I have a six core proccessor running at 4.3 ghz, a video card with 8 gb of ram, as well as 8gb of ram in my pc. So I have quite of bit of headroom on the recommend specs. When I look  at task manager while I am playing astroneer my processor use is only at 44% and my ram use is only at 47%. So being that I still have ram and processing power to use, why am I getting low frame rate? Is there any fix for this, or it it just not optimized very well yet?

Thanks in advance.

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Same here, was fine up to a point, but now have a pretty complex base on Terran and get terrible freezes and low frame rate near base.  

I was just fine until i just dragged the Giant Solar Panel to my base and hooked it up, now terrible frame rate, and its worse near the base. 

Steam/ Windows 10/ i7-6700k 4ghz processor with 32 gb, and 8gb 1070 card, so plenty of horsepower here, not sure why this is happening. 

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Hey guys, i had tried one thing since the update was up, when i saw my fps dropped when i explored the planet i had tried this : Go to "C:\Users\....\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor" and find your "GameUserSettings" Replace this line with this : 


Save your file and put it on "read only" and launch your game without any command line of Steam for me i had better performance in game when i explore i can't tell if i had a better fps since before it was default but i feel it more smooth since i change this this is my config if any one ask :

Windows 10 64 bits
GTX 980Ti
8GB DDR3 1600mhz (4x2)
1920x1080 (22") 5ms

Tell me if that's helped of not :) 
Thank you for reading this and i hope it works :)

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This didn't help me. I have pasted like 3 of these things that are supposed to help but none do. I hope the alpha and beta come out soon so I can have more than 6 fps when in-game. I don't know my specs but i'm pretty sure i have 2-4 gigs of ram, which is probably the problem. If anyone has any fixes for generally slow PCs, please let me know. Thanks!!   

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