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I was trying to make an auto machine and I put a medium resource canister (Graphite) into it and as I do that I disable output and at the same time the auto arm grabs the resource and stopped it mid way and now I can’t grab it nor can the arms grab the resource.

Edit: It also Glitched the resource canister by filling it with not a full resource 

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To be clear, what it sounds like is the arm grabbed half of a resource and is not putting it down after disabling output at that point.

I have had this happen once myself in a test I was doing.  Workaround is to try redirect the resource back to that canister from the arm, so you will have to power off the arm > rotate the arm so its output spot is towards the canister that has the other half of the resource. Power the arm back up and switch the canister between disabled output and enabled output. At least that is how I can remember I fixed it.

If the output is just showing half of the resource in the output slot insert another of the same resource in the top of the canister and then switch to enable output and it should try and dispense a full nugget out once it does switch back to disable output and that should fix this issue. 

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