Bug: Button Repeater Stuck Repeating

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I was trying to make an auto machine and put the button on the platform and put the target pin to the platform and something happened and it’s just got stuck repeating even in my own inv or without an outside source.

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Never seen this happen myself but might want to just take it off what ever you set the repeater on and then click the top which should retract the target pin. Might of made an infinite loop so it is going to just keep clicking itself if it is on the same platform your target pin was attached to. If still doing it then I would suggest taking another repeater and this one.  Stick the target pin on the ground of one using the create segment then move over a bit to create a second segment on the ground then attach to the other button repeater. Then take that button repeaters target and attach directly to the first repeater. This creates a loop. start the loop by activating one of the button repeaters. Once it is going wait a couple seconds and then stop the loop by removing the target pin directly attached to the other repeater.

Hope this can assist in this.

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