Button Repeaters Preventing Multiplayer Joining

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My friend and I played Astroneer recently. Suddenly, my friend could no longer join the server. After much trial and error with internet settings, it turns out we could still join a brand new world online.

This led us to think that something in the first world is now preventing rejoining online. The last addition to our base was our first use of button repeaters. I (the host of the server) could join just fine, so I removed the button repeaters, and only then could my friend join.


I have screenshotted the setup that prevented my friend from joining (you can see my friend in the upper right corner attempting to join before disconnecting as usual).


Removing these button repeaters allowed my friend to join once again. I am running the game on Xbox game pass for PC, we are both on PC. Version


Thanks in advance, I can provide more details if needed :)




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Me and my friend had a very similar problem. You can find a description of these bugs here. I think they might be related. 


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