Bug new terrain layers and missing terrain sectors.

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Xbox1. Played with no issues for a couple of days but after loading my save one evening I found my starter planet had some new ghostly terrain layers and large areas had dissapeared totally.

I had built my base on the original ground level, in a slight depression, with little to no excavation but there was a new ground level (invisible but indicated by plants and rocks floating) above my base, effectively putting the base underground. I could also came upon long straight lines where the terrain simply stopped and I could see down through the planet.

When I used the terrain tool near the floating debris, or the edge of the straight lines to nothing, the new terrain layers would become visible and form. I decided to run with the bug and spent hours repairing the land and some very intersting terrain evolved but ultimately the save became unplayable. 

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So this has now happened to, and ruined, my second game. Returned to a base after a mission to set up on a new planet and found additional terrain layers floating above existing ones and massive missing sections of terrain. They are invisible from one side but visible from the other and if fallen through usually end in a one way trip to the planet core :(

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