Astroneer crashes

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Can someone help me my astroneer game keeps crashing everytime I try to load in my saved game I have many hours in this world and do not want to restart. How do I fix this problem

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open your task manager and check your RAM during loading. This is when the game allocates the most memory. If you run out of memory... you won't be able to load. If that's your issue then try closing everything else before starting Astroneer - if it's enough and you get into the game the memory load gets much smaller and it not a problem anymore. Well, of course you can also always consider extending your RAM to solve it.

Anyhow save files with a lot of play time tend to grow big, especially when you have changed too much of the terrain all around the solar system. I have found that especially the events are nasty where random event stuff is scattered around planets and it usually requires a little digging to get them free... and terrain manipulation is toxic for your save file size. Well, digging a lot in one spot isn't as much of a problem as digging a little all over the place as it meas that each terrain chunk needs to be tagged as modified and saved. 

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