Craftable Large Landing Pad (from tutorial)

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@SES_joe I would absolutely love to see the large landing pad (pictured below in the 0.9 alpha update banner) be made a craftable item on the large printer. This item is so cool and it is a shame that it can't be made and it is only a piece of debris (found in the tutorial or on desolo). I think that it would be a great addition to all of the base building items currently in the game, and would really make for a cool centerpiece of any base.

Steam :: ASTRONEER :: Update 0.9.0 is live!

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Recently found one of these on Desolo.  They're still around, just very rare.  While they don't function as a landing pad, you could probably drop one of the crafted ones on top of it....  I haven't tried moving one, either.

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