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A new solar system

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I think it would be cool if when you've activated all the planets cores you unlock a new solar system. Maybe the only way you can get there is by building a special shuttle or something. What would be very cool about this solar system is that the planets in there would be VERY DIFFRENT from the current solar system.

The 1st one would have a very hot surface and would damage the player over time if it stands on it. The oxygen would also drain the fastest there. There won't be single plant on that planet and if you tried to plant one it would instantly die. You could find big, small and even massive bones of the creatures that once lived there. The sun there would be the BEST. But very little wind.

2nd planet could have MASSIVE mountains ALL OVER the planet. Those mountains could be very steep so it would be very easy to die from fall damage. This planet would have both low wind and sun since the mountains would block everything unless you build your base on top of the mountain.

3rd one could have massive caves. You would spend most of the time there building bridges and searching for resources. This planet's core will be the easiest to activate since you won't need to much digging. The sun and wind would be medium there.

4th one or 3rd's moon would be a PERFECT circle. Most boring one but the best one for building your main base. This planet won't have a single cave. The wind and sun would be medium

5th one could be covored in glowing trees. The whole planet would be a big glowing forest. The planet would have atleast 3 new plants that would attack the player. The sun and wind would be very low, but you can use organic since there's almost infinite of it.

6th one or 5th's moon would be a cold dessert. Basically the opposite of the 5th one. It won't have any plants there. This planet would have very high wind, but almost no sun. This planet would be the fastest one to dig in.

7th one would be the coldest. It would be covored in snow and ice. I would have very high wind and very very very low sun. The only way to survive there is if you have a special item in your inventory that keeps you warm. Otherwise you would freeze to death. This planet was once a big ocean so it won't have any mountains. You can see it was an ocean by all the big and small frozen waves there. All of the caves would be deep underground. 


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