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I guess this would be for the end game. 

I suggest the idea of researching and than constructing your own space station. Say research station engines, station habitat, station storage, etc...

why do you ask. 

So you have a place to send resources to and recall them when you need them and a goal to construct and add on to the station. 

First you either can have a tether elevator to the station or have a rocket capable platform (similar to the scrap pod) that send resources to the station.

And when you are on other planets you construct the same platform to recall resources down.  

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Nice. I think we definitely need an 'end game goal' or two, something big and epic and sci-fi in which to dump bytes and resources. Personally I want to build a bomb capable of triggering a stellar event of procedurally generated beauty. An explosion perhaps capable of destroying the solar system (initiate a 'Big Bang' event that results in the deletion of the old save and beginning a new one, you keep the contents of your backpack) or creating a black hole or something…  I like your space station idea. I like the idea in general of constructing orbital modules such as satellites to help with navigation of the surface or space stations to function as nodes or hub or interstellar spacecraft that will whizz you off to a new save.

The game needs something such as your suggestion, something big (Tier 10!) something epic to sink a ton of resources into and set an overall objective for the Adventure mode of the game. Yes, there is already a little something to do but it isn't very satisfying to do it. I did it and it was a cool experience but honestly it was a little flat at the end. I like the idea of something cyclical like a solar system reset, the end is a new beginning. It is a creative sandbox game after all and like most creative endeavours you eventually need a fresh canvas to paint as you develop and think of new ideas. I would love to see (setting aside the technical difficulties in realising this for a moment) a new procedurally generated solar system for every new save. The same biomes as we have now but a little different each time… a new puzzle to solve as a reward.



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