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Big Slimey Idiot

Why didnt you remove the old 4 pin design?

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Why didnt you remove the old 4 pin desing on 4 pin machines? image.png.3f736df8fa2941f15b5e85a3ff05da95.pngimage.png.edc22913923233d615309450fd3370a3.pngimage.png.57539b6718da05abb975f851bd938e74.pngimage.png.4647af75f9a2194f66c5010ea4f427b6.pngimage.png.30875c136a5bb1ea9c5498389403aa2c.pngimage.png.a95960f76578274aa75e769a03e3da31.png>>>>image.png.9b6180cbc4cf84f936f580d9d2e28520.pngimage.png.363a64e3c645de829f11f696f817d2f4.png<<<<talking about these two.(chemlab and furnace)image.png.2599b73f5080df19cba029f1096065b6.pngAlso I made a half resin from that glitched  large resource canister.

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