Tier 4 variants of tier 3 machines

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I've noticed that people want better interaction between the large soil canister and the soil centrifuge, so I thought "why not just make a larger version to take the medium canisters?" Due to the smaller storage size of the medium soil canister in comparison to the medium resource canister, I was thinking it could give a slight boost in efficiency, or even ores in small quantities as by-products to a large batch. While the production of rare ores may inhibit the need to explore other planets, this could be made up for with the addition of a nano carbon alloy to the recipe for the machine, and a medium soil canister is quite a lot of soil for one or two ores. However, that isn't really necessary, as the machine could be implemented with just the medium canisters in mind.

Of course, this could be done in machines other than the soil centrifuge, like the smelting furnace, and with the medium gas canister the chemistry lab and atmospheric condenser. Because the tier 3 machines aren't named after their size, it may not sound good to call them the "extra large smelting furnace", rather something more along the lines of "blast furnace". In addition, people have been asking for large auto arms (perhaps called "auto cranes"?)  and this would give more purpose for them to be added to the game, other than just automating research of items with tier 2 attachment points. On the Development Roadmap it says that "new base building items and modules" and "new size tier of objects" are being looked into for potential future releases, but these are quite vague, and even if my idea has been brought up before I'd at least like to know how it was received by the development team and the community.

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Yes! I was thinking the same recently. I would love to see a new tier size for existing modules with expanded functionality. I now find myself using multiple smelters, soil centrifuges and chemistry labs to populate the various production lines but isn't very efficient. Running everything requires a lot of power (both in game and in terms of processing load on the PS4…) which inspired my own ideas regarding tier 4 smelters, soil centrifuges and chemistry labs. I imagine tier 4 versions of existing production modules to provide greater throughput but also greater sophistication and complexity in their design. A tier 4 smelter for example might have multiple input and output slots to allow for different processes to run concurrently. The same for the soil centrifuge and chemistry lab. 

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