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-ULiX- - Steam - Dedicated Server. Chemistry lab

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There was a problem trying to create a Titanium Alloy. The bug is persistent and easy to reproduce.

So. My goal: create 2 Titanium Alloy.

I prepare 2 hydrozine + 2 graphite + 2 titanium + 1 nitrogen.
I create 2 graphene.

Scroll to the right in search of a recipe for Titanium Alloy. When the recipe for Diamond is scrolled, then 2 graphene elements are placed in the Chemistry lab workspace and no longer leave it. It is also impossible to remove them manually. Whatever recipe I choose when I start, the Chemistry lab will create only Diamond.

See demo on video.


Periodically, items disappear from slots terrain tools. They remain in the backpack slots, but disappear in the tool. This rarely happens, and I have not yet found a connection with any events in order to reproduce the error for demonstration. It's a shame when you are deep in the caves, and Drill Mod 3 disappears.



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