Dedicated Servers: WTF, why does it work for me now? | Domains, ports and logs.


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Hey guys, I was pretty hyped when I saw that an update with dedicated servers came out.

I tried setting up my own server on a server I had layin around and faced a few issues on my way. ( It is working now, but there are still a few questions which I could not answer myself yet)

  1. I had to set a public IP address in my server config. I mean I have an IPv4 which is not natted, so this should work. But it is not static, so it changes every now and then. I am using a DynDNS Service and have a domain which is automatically pointing at my public IP -> I did not get a connection or even the server to work properly using the domain and not the IP. It seems like the server nor the Astroneer game itself knows how to resolve domain names. Did I make a mistake or is that correct?
  2. Like in the Blogpost about setting up a server, I configured the port to be 8777. I set up rules for this in the servers' firewall and enabled portforwarding for this port in the settings of my router. -> I had no luck connecting via my public IP and port 8777. On my search for a solution of this problem, I stubled across a video on youtube, where someone configured the same port as me, but connected to port 7777 instead. It worked for him and surprisingly for me too. My question is "why"? Why do I have to connect to 7777 eventhough the server is configured to 8777 and the router does not even forward 7777 to the server.
  3. Another point is logging. When I start the server, I can see nothing besides a new process popping up in the task manager. I can't find any logs of the server and when I try starting the server exe via a cmd, nothing gets written to it. Is there any way to see a little better what is happening with the server? Do I have to set a log level somewhere?

Sorry, this got a little longer than expected, but I hope someone can answer at least some of my questions...

Take care and stay healty!!!

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