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I was thinking what if we had the ability in late game to build a colony ship just like the one you arrive in but a little bit bigger and possibly the ability to go to more solar systems in end game with the colony ship.

my idea is that what if we could build a colony ship in orbit somehow which could fit small rockets on it or have some sort of docking in it and having this ship would allow us to carry more from planet to planet.

Maybe end game stuff but think about it, a colony ship and you getting in your rocket and transporting items such as  resources and even packaged structures on your rocket and fly the rocket up to the new colony ship you built and then maybe have a storage or interior that way you could make a couple trips from a planet to your orbiting colony ship and that way you could carry more on the fly and that's where the expansion of extra solar systems would take effect.


just think about it, a sizable ship that you can dock your rockets to and store a vast amount of what you have built and mined and bring it all along with you at the same time but not like everything of course there has to be a limit even end game wise but maybe even have the colony ship drop a base down or maybe if you want to get automated like the update we just had have an Ai controlled mini rocket that you could send up to your colony ship with goods and then back down.


just a suggestion I know this is a lot to take in but I absolutely love this game you guys are doing a great job and also good job on listening to your community base so just think about it 


Thank you!

colony ship.jpg

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