The Extra Large Shredder should scrap crafted Extra Large Items

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I have multiple extra large storages and old small and medium shuttles that I want to get rid of, but the extra large shredder doesn't do that. I feel like the EL shredder should be able to or there should be a way to breakdown the old items.

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The concept of all the shredders is that it can dispose of an object that is -1 tier or lower than the tier of the shredder size.  So that would make it understandable to as why they have it impossible to directly shred anything that is XL tier or above (above would be detritus and winch-only objects like the satellite solar panel). 

Fret not though there is a method to reduce an object by 2 tiers to make it shreddable.  If you make Explosive Powder, you can then research Dynamite next to the Fireworks in the Backpack Printer tier in the Research Menu.  You then take the object you want to dispose of out to the fields like old yeller and let it rip and run a good distance away, because it does have a considerable blast, and then you will be left with easily carry-able debris that will render you a disappointing scrap metal yield.  So i highly suggest you dont try to farm XL for scrap, you will get less than the cost by a mile.  You'd be better off scrapping small wind turbines all day with a soil centrifuge providing material thats dirt cheap.

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