Astroneer Keeps Getting Stuck

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My astroneer keeps getting stuck on nothing and can't move off of this one spot at my base. I tried shutting down the game and restarting and removing terrain beneath the character, but I'm still stuck... Any suggestions? Thank you!

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Option 1

Can you try using the terrain tool and holding the alt key down to place soil and see if it moves you out of that spot and pushes you up.

Option 2 (If option 1 does not seem to be making progress)

   1. In the main game menu > select the game save > select Duplicate to copy the save file.

   2. Then just to make sure > select the duplicated save > select rename and change the name to something else.

   3. Load that save and see if that changes anything.

Option 3

  If there is a tether close by, see if you can move it far enough away that it breaks your oxygen line to unfortunately perform a death after running out of oxygen as that should then load a new you from the base.

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