Ideas to improve resource containers and trade platform

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While playing Astroneer's new Automation Update, I had a couple of ideas for easy additions that could make gameplay even better. The first idea is to have a toggle for the resource containers that allows the containers to enable output, but only provide one resource at a time until a player grabs it. The reason being is because once I have all my resources in storage containers and I need one or two resources I have to enable the output and it just starts emptying the entire container at once. This would make it easier for those wanting to manually grab a few resources from the containers. 

The second suggestion I have is for the trade platform. I made a large resource container for scrap and put it right next to my trade platform. When I enable the output it does not put the scrap directly on the trade platform. I think it would be a great idea for the trade platform to have a toggle where it will auto-fill with the number of resources required to trade for whatever resource is selected in the trade platform. This would really make it a lot easier especially for someone like me playing on a console to load the trade platform faster.

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Hey Aiden--- great ideas.

I found a workaround for your first suggestion.  I make sure there's no available resource slots on the platform where I'm hosting my resource containers. Then the container will output 1 item and it'll just hang there until you take it.  I have a platform with 2 resource containers (compound and resin), no other slots are available. It sits behind my soil extractor and is serviced by 2 auto-arms that sit in between. When I need some resin, I just set the resource container to output and a resin appears and hangs there until I take it. Then I switch the container back to input.

Your solution is more elegant and saves clicks for sure, but just wanted to share this with ya so you could hopefully enjoy the benefit.


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@Torgado Thank you for the workaround. I also found a workaround for my second suggestion, but again, not ideal. I realized that the auto arm can load the trade platform from the resource container full of scrap, but it would be nicer if it could just auto load.

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