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There have already been a few times where I've run across a 'clash' of resources - an area where resin and graphite overlap or compound and malachite - and trying to position the extractor to get the right resource is a royal pain.  Even IF you get it to pull the right resource it can later on pull a different resource and pause the whole collection process if you don't have an extra canister to deal with the other resource.

Perhaps make a 'selector' where you can select which resource to pull from the ground if it detects more than one?  That would be very useful.


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One thing that could make it an easy interface is to press F to open a control panel, or just press and hold F to start it up without having to mess with the panel. The auto extr. already identifies nodes it's going to break down and that are in range, and the node knows what resource it is (I would think), so all it would need is to note the resources available when it's initially placed and append a couple bits to mark what resources to put into the menu. Another way, although likely less sleek, is to have an external button to press/hold F on to cycle resources.

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besides of selecting resources, it would be nice to add the fixed resource placing location of the auto-extractor (even for auto-extractor group).

As the auto-extractor gathering range are limited, once all node has been extracted with in that circle, I have to move the auto-extractor, with most of the auto-arm network :(

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