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Seed Stand 

-requires carbon & other resources to make a small list of plants and trees 🌲 

I have noticed my planet is so bare because I have torn up all the plants for use in small generators. I think it be beautiful to plant things Around my metal and machine heavy base. Outside of the choices of seeds we already have. I don’t feel inspired by the alien plants we have in Astroneer especially the exploding ones. I would love some exotic green and beautiful things to plant. 

thanks guys!!!!!

jamison on a mission  


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Oh! They could add little planter boxes you can fill with various flora too! If people want it to be more precise, there could also be a soil manipulation mechanic where you have to add Nitrogen or various resources to the soil to suit certain plants. It could be done in a smaller version of the chemistry station (T2), maybe styled like a concrete mixer sort of thing that just rolls around and mixes in the resources.

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