My terrain tool is turning into a strawberry, and my backpack printer holograms are wandering somewhere

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Is this normal or is this a bug, also every time i change the print the stuff goes back to their original spot, and when i go to the store or i go to the customization area my terrain tool changes back to its normal self... PLEASE HELP (p.s. i bought the game and uninstalled steam but moved the game file to my desk top and renamed it: "Astroneer Automation" so i count as offline and i dont have achievements which i am OK with, and my name is now "Player" instead of "Wolfy Wolf" just so you know)

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Not sure if this is a but it certainly looks cool.  Does pressing E when viewing your backpack make the terrain tool go back to normal when attached to the side of the back pack?

If you start a new game in not creative mode does it still do the same thing with the terrain tool and back pack printer?

Moving the game folder to the desktop potentially could also be causing the game to bug up and not work properly.

Note: I would recommend not uninstalling Steam for a game you bought from Steam as you will not be able to get patches that may fix bugs to the game.  

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