Auto Arm Improvement request (too simplistic now)

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Improvement Requests:
  • Add a filter GUI for the auto-arm so we can specify resources it will manage
  • If you need to keep it tactile, make a Medium auto-arm that holds medium storage types on the 'filter' area that we could load up with resources that act as the filter.
  • Let us designate the placement and size of the 'take' and 'put' areas. Or, at least if a machine or storage is in the area, make the auto-arm smart enough to manage all storage on that machine or on the receiving storage area (ie all storage directly attached to a Large Platform).

I snapped this on twitter (credit @MrManOverThere) that perfectly describes my frustration with the auto-arm in it's current state.

All this? Just to sort? OMG--- what happened to simplicity? Y'all have required 'created' madness trying to keep the auto-arm 'simple' 🤪
While I'm sure some folks love the challenge, um, not everyone does at this level for something that is so vital as inventory management.


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