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Invert-able Auto-arm Filter

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The automation update just dropped, it's a big update, and there are definitely some bugs with the auto-arms that need to be addressed before adding new features. Personally, even with how spectacular it is to have these auto-arms with how useful they are, I still felt like something was missing. I was making an auto-sorting storage system and realized that the filters that you can set on the auto-arms, could benefit from having an option to toggle whether or not the filters are "including" or "excluding". Currently the filters have one setting, you smack an item onto the filter-slot, and the auto-arms will only reach for that item and will ignore everything else. Now I want to ask, what if they did the opposite? What if there was an option to *invert* the filter, so that it grabs everything *but* that item? ex: Throw iron into the auto-arm's filter slot and set it to 'exclude' and now the auto-arm will grab everything that is not iron. This is my suggestion, thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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