Three resource storage related ideas

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From the onset, we collected many resources, and quickly it became a problem to manage all the resource units we had collected.  They would get dumped at base and become a trip hazard. So you start making storage units - which quickly grew to be storage farms.  But even that quickly became a headache. Where did we put that titanium alloy? Why is the hydrogen there, there, and there? Here are some ideas for managing resources.

1. A storage sorter console.  The console could be plugged into a storage port, and when clicked upon, would present a display showing all the resources plugged into that storage unit. It would show a count for each resource. Click a button and all the resources would re-group in the storage unit to be grouped together.  This would be scalable for when multiple storage units are plugged into a platform.

2. A collection chooser.  With a rover equipped with a drill - and available storage - one can quickly collect anything, and EVERYTHING.  Accidentally drove through all that organic? Now your storage is full of organic.  What is needed is a console that allows one to choose which resources to collect, and which to avoid.  With that, one could go for a drive and get just the specific resources needed.

3. A resource direction finder.  Want some graphite?  Drove past some awhile back; but which direction was it?  A resource direction finder would solve that.




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