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Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my Astroneer. When I start Astroneer, it loads the solar system, but when "the solar system" is loaded and you go to the main menu, the game crashes immediately.
I tried things like deleting some startup .mp4 videos and so on, but that didn't make a difference. My system:

CPU: Intel Core i5 - 10th generation @1 - 3.7 Ghz
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 630 (4GB VRAM, 1.1Ghz clock speed)

I can play GTA V on my pc, so I hope I can play Astroneer as well. Does anyone know of a solution to this bug? Personally i think i miss things like (DirectX) drivers etc but I'm not sure.

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Posted (edited)

I am having the same issue.

It helps to start the game while steam is in offline mode.

That way i was able to at least play the game solo.

It seems even windows store users are having this problem, so it seems that it's not just the steam client that has the issue.


Realy hope the devs can resolve this issue, would love to be able to play it with others.


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