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1)st thing i wanna see in astroneer is a buildable space station where I can build my own space station and attach a rocket to it

2)nd idea is kind same but its about satellites where I can launch my own satellites that give a player planets map this can work on other planets too

3)this idea is about asteroid mining and going to asteroid only can be accessible when u have a space station 

4th and the last idea is about new rocket this rocket will be like a space shuttle that can carry heavy payloads into orbit like satellites and going to asteroid mining resources and coming back 

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This would take a very long time to implement, but i like these ideas, as it would add alot more things to do in this game. The problem is with the 1st and 3rd ideas. There is already a space station that you have, so another one would make no sense. The problem with the 3rd idea is that it directly contradicts astroneer lore, as youre supposed to be exploring planets.


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