Winch bug

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Hello all I came here to cooperate so that the team can solve the errors of this amazing game.
As everyone can see in the picture our winch completely with the problem.
I'll explain in detail.
First our winch was connected to the crane and the same thing as follows the image, and while he was attached to the crane car was pulled by the objects so that the winch connections in structures without removing.
We take and we raised as is in the picture and still unresolved.
I would like to know the team of developers, how would the winching and their proper function.





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The same thing happened to me yesterday. It did that even when I attached it to a shuttle and went into space. Then it magically fixed itself. I have no idea what happened.

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Having the same Issue in Multiplayer on PC via Steam; Keyboard and Mouse.

Tried to attach the winch from my truck to a solar satellite but it seems like I attached it somewhere midair. The winch kept spawning new wires to random locations. You can still connect the winch (even to yourself, kinda funny) but it doesnt work as before.




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