Tools shall be cheeper

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All the one zinc items are extremly usefull and necessary for game-play personalization. However I see most player completly skiping it wile progression wich I think is very sad.

All thos tool cost 1000 bite wich is riduculous on Atrox but still some time on Sylva or Desolo where you strat and get the zinc. So from Sylva to Atrox, most player keep thos 1000 (x6!) bites for base and veicle building and just skip a very nice part of the gameplay. 

I think augmentation shall cost like 250 bite each, the cost of the oven. 1500 for them all, the cost of the first shuttle. A more drastic way to push every player to see every tool would be to make the shuttle a reward for buying them all, at 250 each, it's the same price and it might be a fun progression on sylva. 

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