Went to a new planet, home planet turned invisible

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I built a spaceship, filled it most of the way up with fuel and headed to the moon of my starting planet. I landed on the moon and walked around a little before taking off and going to a new planet altogether. After collecting a research item from that planet, I put it onto my ship and blasted off, only to find that the planet I had started on was gone. I could still see the waypoints I had set on it, but I could not click on the planet at all. In the attached picture, in the top right you can see the beacons on the planet, but there is no planet. I was playing in singleplayer also.

(I am on Steam)20161228162941_1.jpg

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Same issue on Steam.

Worked around it by going to a planet further out.  My starting planet reappeared and I travelled back when my orbit reached its.

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