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Truck Battery Graphic Misaligned

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Priority: Low

Category: Visual

When the truck is recharging it's top row battery packs, the graphic is positioned 1/3 below the bottom row. It just needs to be moved up a bit to look correct. =)

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Reproduced here.

Underground on Radiated, which is my third celestial body (and the wonkiest thus far), I dug out a large section of underground to set up shop down there, including the vehicle builder. Already had a shaft dug with several ramps leading further underground.

The first time I noticed the visual bug occur was after I'd descended down two ramps and painstakingly parked the buggy on an incline before dismounting (forgetting that dismounting effectively engages a parking brake... that probably shouldn't be automatic ;-P) and digging a hole that will hopefully lead to a cave system further down (?).

Anyway, specs:

i5 quadcore 3.10GHz

1060GTX Geforce 3GB RAM


Steam / Windows 7 SP1


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I might have just made the yellow indicators sink further in by picking up and dropping the battery. Or is it my imagination?

Later addendum: other batteries back at my base were appearing normally.

PPS: Exiting to main menu and reloading my save caused the affected battery to display normally.


Edited by Shia LeBFF

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