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Storage units (unattached) disappear when bumped

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Several of my storage units, that were fully loaded with resources, disappeared when they we pushed around. The first occurrence involved about 8 storage units that I had carefully placed around the back of my base on previously flattened ground. They were all fully loaded with various resources (compound, resin, copper, lithium, etc.) and each unit had only a single type of resource. I was placing a tether nearby to light up the area and accidentally swung it into the storage units. Again, these units were not attached to any base components, just stood up neatly on the floor standalone. When the tether swung into them, the units scattered. 2 disappeared completely, one (which i was able to retrieve) was stuck in the ground upside down. Others had been scattered about but were otherwise retrievable.

The second occurrence was when I was moving a storage unit off of a base node. I took it off the node and placed it next to my player. I hit 'Q' to look in my inventory and the storage unit disappeared. 

I dug down in the area to see if they were buried, but found nothing. There are caverns below and I did search around a bit, but did not find any of the units.  

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