Auto Death Gateway Bug

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While on top of a gateway on Calidor, I randomly get killed while on full oxygen and power (I know that doesn't matter here, technically). No hostile plants nearby since I am on the top of the gateway (none are near the base of it either). This happened to me multiple times in a row. Please fix this game-breaking bug!

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Just wanted to add that I'm getting this bug fairly regularly but I do not see in the list of known issues. Hoping to raise the awareness of this as it really discourages even going near gateways. 

A couple things I've noted:

  • It doesn't seem to happen around inactive gateways, only ones that have been powered.
  • At first I thought using the gateway was a required repro step but we've now had it happen without.
  • The same gateway seems to consistently trigger the bug, does not seem to be transient.
  • We've been playing on a Windows 10 dedicated server (self hosted), have not tested pure local games yet.
  • It seems to happen specifically when walking off the central pillar objects (now sunken into the floor having been powered).

My best guess is that it seems walking from the center pillars onto the surrounding platform triggers a sudden spike in fall damage, possibly from the player character re-parenting and getting a very large position delta.

Thanks guys!


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I have this problem consistently on the gateway chamber next to my base.  I cannot use the chamber anymore because of it.

My understanding is that the "pillars" that are in place when unpowered are still there when powered, and your Astroneer collides with them and the game's resolution is to kill the Astroneer.

Please, fix this. 😬

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this issue continues. Xbox One Vanilla. has happened at two gateways so far. The one i can confirm is North Gateway on Calidor. steps to reproduce...

activate gateway power somehow

step on to platform with oddstone

select oddstone

unselect oddstone

jump off platform towards the now-sunken power connectors

player takes immediate death damage  


i watched this happen to a friend first, then me as i jumped to his death spot  


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