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My idea behind this is to have a tier system for better and better GPS systems for each planet that involve launching satellites on rockets like the trade platform and the exo request platform.

Tier 1: 4,000 bytes, Aluminium, Glass. Medium. Gives you a very simple and laggy GPS system with a 2D plain showing beacons and colored areas to show the general area of resources on the surface.

Tier 2: 6,000 Bytes, Titanium, Aluminium Alloy, Glass. Large. Gives you more detailed and smoother GPS system with a 2D plain that has contour lines to show land height and depth. It also shows symbols for players, vehicles and crashed ships/scrap.

Tier 3: 8,000 Bytes, Steel, Titanium Alloy, silicone, Glass. Extra Large. Gives you a 3D live render of a small area on the planet.

Viewing: Once a GPS rocket has been researched, you will obtain a small screen like the research catalog below the right utility slot that will show the higher tier GPS you have on the planet you are on.

I believe that I have balanced this quite well, but if you disagree then tell me and if an agreement is made I can change it.

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