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So, we all know deserts are hot, dry and windy, the tundra is desolate dark and extremely cold and well... Radiation is toxic... Well I was thinking perhaps on Calidor, deadly sandstorms, dust devils and tornados are common, making it more interesting, the sandstorm however could also bring useful materials with them that you may find when the storm is over such as research items, samples, and or resources and debris. On Glacio the same rule applies, except it's snowstorms or blizzards, and less of a chance to get useful items unless you melt certain pieces of ice in a smelter to retrieve the item, making it more difficult. On Atrox however, it would have, thunderstorms, dust storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and such. 

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This would be great!

Also volcanic eruptions or meteorites colud add a serious challenge for inhospitable planets.

I remember that climatic hazards are still on the developer roadmap since almost the beginning of the game so i hope someday they will be implemented alongside with a temperature system to make them even more challenging

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