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Mitigation of crash consequences .

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Unfortunately, this game have a serious crash issues when playing multiplayer game. I understand, that it may be hard to fix this issues and that may take a lot of time, but in present time I suggest to create some mitigation system, that will preserve most important things player have. Backpack content is surviving crashes just fine, but items from the terrain tool is often disappear. It is very easy to loose shuttle with all it content on crash. Also, there is bug then you leave the surface on shuttle and there is no buttons to push to go to the solar system. If you rejoin the game the shuttle will be lost. (You can land to fix this issue, but with Solid-Fuel Thruster you may loose some time rebuilding it. )

So, please, create some system that will save shuttle and items in the terrain tool. This way most harm done from the crashes will be need to restart the game.

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