Automation arm filter: allow a toggle to include or exclude

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The switch stream I watched  from [about] 5/11/20 showed the automation arm allows a filter for the arm to pick only a specific T1 item.  I can't wait to start playing around with this.

I think it would offer many more possibilities if there were a toggle on the arm to designate whether the filter included or excluded the designated item. This would be comparable to what the medium canisters do with the fill/empty switch.

By allowing the filter to exclude an item , we would be able to create a chain of storage towers with automation arms between them.  The automation arms between the storage towers would be set to "exclude" mode, essentially passing everything except their designated item down the chain. Each successive automation arm would hold a different T1 item for the "exclude" filter. Then, a second automation arm assigned to each intermediate storage tower would be set to "include" that same item and move it to a more permanent storage area.

This way, there would be no need to crowd a bunch of automation arms around a single storage tower, each picking off only a single item. 

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