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The options menu is very empty, only has 1 option to invert the camera. Would be nice to have sound options, change the volumes, turn music on/off, turn sounds on/off.

Controls remapping
Add an option to remap all the controls, or at least a few, and/or choose between 2 or 3 basic presets.

Start screen navigation
The 3 current buttons (left, launch ship, right) are not intuitive to use, sometimes I launch a ship trying to move right, by accident, it's not easy to see which one is selected. It would be much better and more simple to remove left and right visual buttons, just go left and right by pressing the left or right d-pad on the controller.

Saved games
When I have many saved games, it's confusing to know which one is what, with only a date. Not intuitive at all. You could add something more intuititve instead of the generic blue blueprint of a habitat, like a small thumbnail screenshot of the actual gameplay to help identify it, also add the option to give saved games a name, so it's easier to identify them. Add a visual button to delete a saved game. Sometimes people want to delete old obsolete saved games, there is no way to do that right now.

Jetpack controls
I've watched on the stream devs saying they will add a jetpack later. I would like the jetpack to work with the same controls as in Halo Reach, press and hold the right bumper to fly. In Evolve, to use a jetpack, I press and hold the "A" button, don't do that, it's much worse. With "A" to fly, it gets very hard or impossible to shoot or use other buttons while I jetpack holding "A". Much better in Halo Reach, while flying holding right bumper, it's easy to press other buttons at the same time, like shoot while flying.

Communications and emotes
The devs said they are going to work on this, so here's my 2 cents. I think we shouldn't only rely on voice communications for team communications, I used the mic before but usually I never use it, because I'm shy, I'm not used to it, I don't trust random people right away, and other people feel the same way. Right now I feel a lot is missing to communicate in game with my friends. I want to tell them things but I don't have tools in the game to express myself to them. I have to stop playing, open the Xbox system and type a text message to tell them something to do with the gameplay, then return to the game.

At first I thought in game chat (text) would help, it's a lot of fun in Neverwinter to type messages to the bigger zone, or to the small area, and everyone sees my text message on top of my head for a few seconds, like a baloon, it looks kinda like a comic book baloon, it's a lot of fun to communicate this way.

If the devs don't want to allow text for now, to avoid griefers (which I don't like), they make a valid point. I would add quick messages then, players can send preset quick messages, so they can't really type text (anti-griefers friendly). I feel like in Rocket League the quick messages work great and would work well in Astroneer. Map the 4 d-pad buttons to groups of quick messages. I know the down d-pad is used to place tethers now, another way would be left trigger + d-pad to open 1 of 4 groups of quick messages.

For example, a player presses up d-pad, opens the ask questions group, presses up d-pad again and says "come here".

So if I want to say "come here", I press up d-pad twice in a row (after pressing 1st time, the 2nd level shows up on screen for 2 or 3 seconds).

If I want to say "where are you?", I press up d-pad and then  down d-pad.

Up d-pad
Ask question quick messages
----- up ----- come here
----- down ----- where are you?
----- left ----- run
----- right ----- go gather more resources

Down d-pad
Reply quick messages
----- up ----- Yes
----- down ----- No
----- left ----- Idk
----- right ----- Ok

Left d-pad
Directions quick messages

----- up ----- Great, I'm lost, yet AGAIN!
----- down ----- Where am I?
----- left ----- Where are you?
----- right ------ I like sleeping to the sound of storms.

Right d-pad
General quick messages

----- up ----- what did you do with our tethers?
----- down ----- Wow!
----- left ----- omg did the truck vanish again?
----- right -----return to base

The left trigger + right trigger to point to a place is a good helpful idea, but I feel it should be revamped. The animation is too slow, takes too long. The sound should be another sound, louder, more intuitive, I can't point to far away places. I feel like the similar option (buzz) in Evolve works much better for team communication. When you use it, you mark a "destination" nav point for the team, a yellow circle, that lasts a few seconds on screen, and the sound is also better, louder.

Add a greater variety of fun/funny emotes. The 2 or 3 that exists now are kind of basic and limited to express myself. I can only wave or congratulate. Take ideas for emotes from games like Neverwinter, Elder Scrolls Online. They have a great variety of emotes, for example: dance, sit, sleep, juggle, facepalm, and so on.

Naming beacons
As other people already suggested, sometimes I feel the need to give a beacon a name, a short text sentence with 2 or 3 words, that can be seen from far away, to tell me and my team what's there. For example, "compound deposit", "bridge", "cave entrance", "waypoint", "random stuff storage".

Like in Neverwinter, autorun can be useful to walk long distances without touching the controls. Map it to clicking the left stick.

Honk the horn
This is for the rover/truck, land vehicles. Map the horn to clicking the right stick. This is great for team communication, to call a friend, honk the horn to let a friend know he's late, to warn a friend of something, etc. I had a lot of fun in Halo Reach with honking the warthog's horn, I would drive around (with or without passengers), and honk the horn to compose nice music, like xmas songs, birthday song, or popular songs, keep my team entertained with horn music. A lot of fun.


Main menu scrolling is glitchy
When I open the main menu (4 options), I can never move the cursor to the 1st option (continue). I can only scroll through the 3 other options.

Floating in the air flowers
I created a base a few meters under the surface, and escavated some land. The next time I loaded that game, I saw flowers floating in the air at the place where there was a surface but there isn't anymore because I escavated that land. I couldn't delete the flowers with the terraforming tool.

Framerate issues
The game gets very choppy and almost unplayable framerate at times, when the bases start to get bigger, with many tethers placed in the world, near a truck, near vehicle storages or near toxic plants.

The camera needs work, I struggle with it many times. Especially when I turn on the terraforming tool and move it around me, then try to move the camera while I move the terraforming tool, it's painfully slow. When I press the left trigger to move the small cursor, it's also very slow at times, takes too much time to get simple things done.

I'm sure there are more bugs or suggestions I have, but I don't remember more right now.

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