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I believe I have discovered a bug with the packager items in the game. I only have the game on PC so I don't know if his bug appears in the console versions of the game. I had spent over 30 minutes on Glacio collecting and mining Titanite and Laterite. I had spent an extra 10 on getting back to my shuttle and then when I got back to my shuttle with my super miner (crane plus silo b with a ton of silo a's attached), the game black screened and then closed completely.  When I reload the game, it loads me into Sylva, with nothing but the stuff I started my journey with. This has happened to me before on Desolo when I was trying to mine Wolframite. I don't know what is happening but it continues to crash when I put the packager on the crane to package it for transport. If the game saved when you entered and exited the crane, it would most likely not be a big issue. This is a small bug, but overall it has cost me around 3 hours of my own time.

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