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I watched the video on youtube about the devs first, then connected with the game. I have a tendency to ramble this might be long.



Floating resources and objects in the game just stuck there.

When you hit something or bump it it flies halfway around the planet...OMG! 

Resources such as compounds and resin should not stop a rover... Compound is it covalent or ionic or metallic ? Is it jelly or solid odd thing in the game really. Resin should actually stick to the rover tires lol. 

We need a better use for Astronium currently useless in its current state. 

Currently you only need to go to Calidor, Novus, Glacio and the starting planet of Sylva for most of the items you need.

Glacio - Argon 

Novus - Worth a base 3 items you need easy to get to. 

Calidor - Field Shelter Worthy

Atrox - Helium 

Not much reason to deal with anything else.. Almost everything else you need can simply be ordered via the trade platform. Just make cheap shred and get endlessly... This allows you to convert cheap resources and get expensive ones without the need to go to another planet.

Platforms with no real purpose and spacing on items is odd. huge platform holds 4 items so you need to stack things on top of the 4 to make many more it is a bit stupid, because the silos do not spin on their own. A better solution is to have a centralized modular system so you can snap on or off and rotate.   



Soil centrifuge is annoying and a hassle, but makes resource gathering obsolete. Using the medium Canister is annoying especially trying to drive that drill bit without falling into an endless abyss or getting stuck on a pebble... srsly!  Instead of using canisters simply hook the med canister to the device so you  create 4, 8, 16 items at once or a combination of 4 x = 16 total

Zip Lines -   would be awesome. That also carried O2 and low capacity energy transfer would solve the problem of tethers all over creation and in odd places.

platforms would work better if they physically snapped together so the player could determine the design not a prefab that may or maynot fit your needs. Each tier 1 socket would cost 1 resin  and double  each time and you can decide any combination of tier configurations. 

Resources -  What you make something out of should matter. So if I want to use Steel vs Aluminum the item should have a better durability, yes this game needs durability because you can free fall to the center of the world with little regard  to anything on a vehicle. 

Beacons are sad in this game. Trying to put a beacon on a circle is stupid. Unless it is within the line of sight one mountain and poof your lost. A better system would be to place the beacon and be able to target that beacon and the game lay out a path to that beacon. Light blue arrows on the ground very simple.

Wireless Power Towers - This is basically your upgraded tether system. It would allow for remote deployment in areas of importance. To build it you will need  solar or wind (med) x2 or 1 of each or an RTG Unit, 1 portable oxygenator, can be repackaged. 

Deploy a satellite to pinpoint items and locations such as wrecks, and resources more quickly. This would tie into a console accessible on any rover or shelter or field shelter. It would replace the need to use beacons. 

Plants - Biopolimer  make this happen

Shredder overhaul - Only need 1 shredder  of decent size the large one is fine. depending on the item you want to shred  it may take longer. Watching the item get ripped apart is satisfying... Also a que system so you can stack multiple items of any size. Use with the atomization tool to recycle huge spaceships no need to use dynamite. 

object atomization. This would be advanced packaging... Using an attachment you can atomize targets and then restore them. Put the attachment on the shredder to automate shredding of stored items. 

satellite  beaming technology - Beaming base will need to be built. Items can only be received at the base platform.  Then build tagger item. Any item tagged can be beamed directly to your base platform this is the advanced atomization technology. 

Then eventually we can just get light beam technology and just convert energy into solid objects no need to do anything else... yeah that would be a while lol....

Rovers should hover not roll... A nice hovering train to create a portable base on... Maybe we should just build one of them huge floating fortresses that SHIELD has...  


I like the idea of having a companion like a robot maybe a drone or something.

This is an ongoing process can't do it all in one post.








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On 5/5/2020 at 12:36 AM, Fiercephoenix said:

Currently you only need to go to Calidor, Novus, Glacio and the starting planet of Sylva for most of the items you need.

If you think about it, the ONLY planets you need to go to are the moon (Desolo), and Glacio.

Desolo for tungsten and Glacio for early game bytes, argon, and Iron. (for a speed run, use a small rocket and make 4 trips; go to Desolo and collect a total of 5 tungsten, go back home and build chem lab, fly to Glacio and collect 8 iron, 4 argon so you can make; atmospheric condenser (bring resources from home so you can build on Glacio and kill 2 birds with  11 stone), trade platform, extra-large shredder, large platform C (platform C is if you like your shredder and your trade platform on the same platform))

THEN, you can scrap anything and everything you can get your mitts on to get whatever else you need/want



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