Bug: Multiple soil cannisters in backpack are drained as if they were a single cannister when filling in terrain

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New here, apologies if already reported, I did search and didn't find quickly and this feels like it is new (as in, I swear this worked as expected until very recently)

Bug: When filling in terrain via soil cannisters in my backpack they all drain simultaneously at the same rate as a single cannister. No matter how many cannisters are in my backpack they only output the same quantity of soil as a single cannister.

Expected behavior: 1 cannister drains at a time until depleted, then the next, then next.

Platform: PC / MS game pass (but I'll link to reports of people using PC/Steam below)

Links to similar reports on Reddit (one has video evidence):

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i have this issue as well... I noticed it on my main game.. then created a new game.. made 3 canisters to test it.. it was immediately broken in my new game as well.

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