Indoor base (Shelter + New and Bigger Base Options)

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Credit to User Topher for the idea. While Topher quickly mentioned the idea of making an indoor base with tether-less oxygen, I would like to add upon the idea.

This would be a great way to isolate storage or some crafting, especially during storms. Allow for limited crafting in there (maybe limit it to no Extra-Large Modules, hoop platforms, or tall platforms), and allow people to sleep until a certain time (such as dawn or dusk). I know this would require extra work on your part as the time of day for each planet/moon is vastly different.

This would also mean a clock would help. Maybe give a dial clock that rotates from sun to moon without the number. This would obviously be built into the backpack.

Next up is expanding upon the base system. Allowing for more options than Shelter and Field Shelter. Maybe adding: Den, Living Unit, any number of better names... all to give variety to base building experience. 

You could then allow for modular shelters. Expanding upon one Shelter by adding a second one onto it. You could then explore multiple level shelters, expanding downwards or upwards.

Obviously you wouldn’t want to take it too far as to get rid of the appeal of outdoor bases, but this would allow people to not only personalize their experience better, but also be active amidst the storms.

Regardless as to whether or not this feature sees the light of day, I thank you for lending me your time. 

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I love the idea to create a safe shelter but actually don't see a point in creating small rooms.


I would see more advantage in having something like a shield sphere - you place a "generator" that generates a round spherical zone around it (like the gungan shields in StarWars Ep 1):

- the generator consumes energy

+ the size can be increased with increasing energy consumption

- oxygen is being filled if available

- effects of storms are neglected

- effects of dangerous plants are neglected

? Player energy is being replenished?

? Vehicle energy is being replenished?


That way you could have a base covered by overlapping shields or place a shield on a vehicle next to your mining spot

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