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Ok, so I'll admit I am feeling a little ranty right now so I am sorry for that. 

Is this forum checked? Is it truly active? All the threads seem to to have like no responses and it seems Astroneer is in a bit of a weird state. We have an update (1.11.62) which has been given no patchnotes of any kind (though these forums seemed to not have been updated for eons) and multiplayer/crossplay seems to be somewhat broken. I mean, idk, but those seem like issues right? What happened? Its been like a week and nothing has come up about any of this. I love Astroneer, but I am unable to play with friends at all and not having any info is upsetting. I get we are in a tough spot with current events, but I think we just need a response, an acknowledgment that issues exist would be nice? I see things on reddit everyday of people having the same issue.


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