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General problems, ideas and feedback

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This Post is meant to give the developers a feedback on the problems, bugs and wishes one might experience or want.

- The vehicles are hard to move to a position where they actually recharge

- Buildings like the smelter consume items and dont produce the product if the slots are occupied

- You can't remove buildings

- To reload batteries on vehicles you have to take them off the vehicle and put them on a free base socket

- Posinous plants dont "vanish" after you kill them (would be a good addition imo)

- A tool to view daytime maybe

- Delete safegames in mainmenu

- If you hold a research node and move it through a wall, then left click while its in the wall, it gets stuck there.

- If items are in a storage slot make them accesible to build things instantly instead of having to take them out one by one

- If you build a spaceship you can no longer use the vehiclebay where u built it

- Make items that you throw on the ground disappear after a set time

- Don't force respawn. It sucks in an early sandstorm.

- Tooltips maybe?

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To reload my vehicle batteries i go near enough to a base building or extension till the ghosted image of the power cable appears then press Tab to get out and click on the front or back conduit of the car where the ghost image is and it'll connect the cable and start powering the batteries up :P 

Storage slots seem to automatically place the required items into the input slots when you change the recipe but also if you click on the ghost image of the required items of the recipe it will automatically fill them from your personal inventory if you have enough :)

I think that if you make a shuttle or spaceship you're sort of allocating that vehicle bay as the 'launch pad' for that shuttle or spaceship, until you have attached any seats, storage etc that you want to it, fueled it up and then take off into space. So if you do build a shuttle or spaceship but plan on building or modding more vehicles before launching into space it might be best to have more than one vehicle bay.

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