1.11.62 - Steam - All canisters simultaneously emptying when creating terrain


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Steam - 1.11.62
Keyboard + Mouse
Windows 10

I am running multiple saves were all players in the game are affected by this. When carrying multiple canisters they would fill one by one with the basic rate (no problems there). When creating new terrain using the terrain tool with ctrl or alt, material is used from all containers carried at once (not 1 by 1) with the normal rate. It's only creating the terrain worth 1 canister of material but it will have used all your canisters in the process.

Resulting in canister terrain tool usage rate multiplying by the amount of canisters the player carries but keeping the original terrain creation rate.

Repo Steps:
1) Attach multiple canisters to backpack
2) Fill all canisters with material
3) Create terrain using the terrain tool (ctrl or alt) don't use all material.
4) Check backpack to see that all canisters have been used with an equal percentage instead of 1 by 1. Resulting in only a small amount of material used but this material is taken from all canisters instead of 1.

From one Game Dev to another, thanks for the last update! You guys fixed an amazing amount of crashes in this last patch! Haven't had a single crash yet, also multiplayer performance has improved a lot! Thanks!

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